Breakpoint 2005
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Time table

This is the pretty-close-to-final compo/deadline time table. Information on seminars and other events will be in the final timetable, due about 3 weeks before the party.


12:00The doors officially open.
21:30Event: Opening ceremony
Deadline: Tracked Music
Deadline: Executable Music (new school)
22:00Event: David Hasselhoff Big Band liveact
23:00Seminar: Making more of moving images
00:00Seminar: Softimage|XSI Kung Fu


10:00Deadline: All 4k competitions
Seminar: C-ONE, Reconfigurable Computing
11:00Deadline: Theme Graphics
Deadline: Freestyle Graphics
Seminar: Practical softsynth design
12:00Deadline: Animation/Video
Seminar: To trace or not to trace - that is the question.
13:00Seminar: Intel Software Developer Tools for Demo Tuning
14:00Competition: Tracked Music
Deadline: 96k Game
15:00Competition: Executable Music (newschool)
16:00Competition: PC 4k Intro
Competition: Amiga 4k Intro (right after PC 4k Intro)
Competition: C64 4k Intro (right after Amiga 4k Intro)
16:30Seminar: PSP™, unleash the beast...
17:00Deadline: C64 Demo
Deadline: Amiga 64k Intro
17:30Competition: Theme Graphics
Seminar: ATI Workshop
18:00Competition: Freestyle Graphics
19:00Competition: 96k Game
20:00Competition: Amiga 64k Intro
21:00Competition: Animation/Video
Deadline: Streaming Music
Deadline: Executable Music (old school)
22:00Competition: C64 Demo
23:00Event: Awards 2004
00:30Event: BASS liveact
01:00Event: Ultrasound liveact

Note: Unlike the last two years, we won't hold re-runs of the graphics compos on the big screen; instead, we show both runs at evening (when lighting level should be good in the hall), and make all entries available right after the competition, so you can judge on your own machine.


10:00Deadline: Real Wild
Deadline: C64 Graphics
10:30Seminar: Mastering the Buzz Beat
11:30Seminar: Compilers and Assembler
12:30Seminar: Normalmapping - problems and solutions
13:00Deadline: PC 64k Intro
Deadline: Amiga Demo
15:00Competition: Streaming Music
16:00Competition: C64 Graphics
Deadline: PC Demo
16:30Competition: Executable Music (oldschool)
18:00Competition: Real Wild
19:00Competition: Fun Compo
20:00Competition: PC 64k Intro
21:00Competition: Amiga Demo
22:30Event: Pornophonique liveact
23:30Competition: PC Demo


10:00Deadline: Voting
11:00Event: Prize giving, closing ceremony.
14:00End of Breakpoint 2005.