Breakpoint 2005
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  • The compo machines will be an old C64 (with 6581 SID Chip) and a new one (with 8580 SID), both equipped with an Action Replay MK6/Retro Replay cartridge and a 1541-II floppy drive (PAL).
  • Please state which SID chip to use.
  • Please state if your entry requires any user interaction (pressing Space at the end of parts, etc).
  • The entry has to be delivered on a 5.25'' DD diskette.
  • Please consider also giving us .prg, .d64 or zipcoded files of your production for easier spreading.
  • If you have no experience on how to make demos look good on the bigscreen, we strongly suggest reading this article by kb/farbrausch.

If you have questions or suggestions about these rules, contact the organizers at .


  • Maximum size is one 5.25" disk (both sides).
  • Maximum running time: 15 minutes - please try to keep them shorter than 10 minutes if you can though! Long scroller parts will not be shown in full length.

4k intro

  • Maximum size is 4096 bytes (16 blocks and 32 bytes). The production must be a single file. (Noters are OK).
  • Maximum running time: 5 minutes.
  • The intro has to be started via RUN or Autostart - no SYS XXX required.


Refer to the graphics competitions page.


There will be no seperate SID music compo this year. Instead, SID tunes will compete in the new Executable Music Compo (oldschool). Refer to the music competitions page for details.