Breakpoint 2005
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  • The competition machine will most probably be an A4000, 060 @ 50Mhz with a PPC604e @ 233MHz, 128MB RAM, a Cybervision PPC card, a AHI-capable sound card, WarpOS and PowerUP.
  • Assigns and installation scripts are forbidden. Going into the demo's directory and starting the main executable have to be the only necessary steps to watch the demo.
  • All custom libraries have to be delivered with the demo/intro; they have to reside in the demo/intro's directory and will count into the file size of your production - no 64k intros with 2MB libs, please.
  • Pressing either the right mouse button or ESC has to end the demo instantly.
  • The entry has to be delivered as single .lzh or .zip file.
  • Maximum resolution is 1024x768 pixels.
  • If you have no experience on how to make demos look good on the bigscreen, we strongly suggest reading this article by kb/farbrausch.

If you have questions or suggestions about these rules, contact the organizers at .


  • Maximum size is 16MB zipped/lzh'ed for ALL files (including readmes etc)
  • Maximum running time: 15 minutes - please try to keep them under 10 minutes if you can though!
64k intro

  • Maximum size is 65536 bytes for the executable. All other files in the archive won't be unpacked for the competition.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.
4k intro

  • Maximum size is 4096 bytes unzipped. The production must be a single file (additional infofiles and readmes are ok, of course).
  • Maximum running time: 5 minutes.
  • The entry has to run in a "clean" environment, that is booting AmigaOS without startup sequence, running SetPatch and then the intro executable.