General info

The party is located in Bingen am Rhein, a beautiful small town at the junction of the rivers Rhine and Nahe. Bingen is surrounded by a varied landscape, known for its natural beauty, its castles and other places of interest. It's around 80km west of Frankfurt/Main, and 100km south of Cologne. Bingen is easily reachable by car (A60 and A61 motorways), by rail (Intercity Express, Intercity, Eurocity and regional trains), by air (Frankfurt-Main, Frankfurt-Hahn and Cologne/Bonn (CGN) airports), and by inland shipping, and therefore is a perfect choice for an international event like Breakpoint. For details, visit the Travelling page.

The party will start on Good Friday, April 2nd at 12:00PM and end on Easter Monday, April 5th at 2:00PM. This makes 74 hours of non-stop fun.

Entrance fees / tickets

Breakpoint is a 100% not-for-profit event solely organized by volunteers in their spare time. However, we live in a commercial world, and for most of the things that enable such an event to take place, money has to be paid. That's why attending Breakpoint requires you to pay an entrance fee that together with the money our sponsors provide covers the costs the event causes.

The entrance fee covers all party features including the competition prize money, the non-stop bus shuttle service, and well - everything else. No additional costs.

The regular entrance fee for the full 4 days full of party is 55 Euros. There will again be social tickets like in the last three years. They will last for the whole 4 days, and also include everything else the regular ticket includes, but only cost 25 Euros. As the name implies it means that other sceners will pay for the loss we'll make on this ticket type. It therefore will only be available after pre-registration for people who assured that without the social ticket they would be completely unable to attend Breakpoint. If you need a social ticket, apply here.

Since the 2007 edition of Breakpoint, girls won't get in for free anymore. Girls-get-in-for-free at demoparties was introduced back when the scene consisted of 99,99% male people. It once was meant both as a way to allow male sceners to bring their girlfriends who else would revolt being left alone for 4 days, and also to attract girls to have a look at computers and the scene. In 2006, Breakpoint had over 100 female visitors (saldy meanwhile the number is lower again). The goal of attracting girls to the scene clearly has been achieved - girls no longer are second-class sceners.

We'll also continue the discounted "compolurker" tickets (only valid from Sunday 11:00AM to Monday morning) for people who don't have time to visit the whole party yet still want to watch the major competitions. Visitors entering with the compolurker ticket may not take place in compos or collect prizes. They cost 40 Euros.

And finally, there's supporter tickets, which cost between 250-1000 Euros and which are effectively tax-deductible donations to Breakpoint. More information here.

Ticket typePrice (Euros)Remarks
Regular 4-Day-Ticket55
Social ticket25Pre-registration required
Compolurker Ticket40Only valid on Sunday after 11:00, no compo prizes
Supporter Ticket250-1000Advance payment only; more information here.
Gigantic FullHD 16:9 Bigscreen

Breakpoint 2010 will again have our widescreen bigscreen setup - a cinema-grade digital video projector with 18000 ANSI lumens projecting onto a 11.5 by 6.5 meters screen, with all competitions being shown in FullHD widescreen resolution (1920x1080 pixels). It's huge, it's bright and it's sharp - and together with our powerful sound system, it's simply the ideal setup to watch demos on, especially your own.

Party features

Among the features are:

  • Lots of fun competitions for Amiga, PC and C64, music, graphics and the rest
  • A gigantic 1920x1080 75 square meters FullHD bigscreen and powerful sound system
  • Second stage with djs, demoshows and more...
  • Separate chillout/meeting/boozing-tent
  • No gamers, no script kiddies, only creative people
  • Space for up to 1000 visitors
  • Hotel reservation service with tons of hotel rooms at greatly discounted (50% off) prices
  • Own (free) bus service connecting the location, a supermarket, train station, the inner city and the hotels non-stop from 09:00 in the morning till 04:00 in the night
  • Separated sleeping areas in the main hall (limited space)
  • A beer garden outside the party hall to crash, sit and drink - including a bonfire to keep you warm during the nights
  • Tasty food and drinks at decent prices (even higher food selection including vegetarian food, improved quality this year)
  • Both softdrinks and several brands of beer sold at cheap near-selfcost-prices at the infodesk
  • A working and fast party network
  • Internet access including own IRCNET uplink
  • and of course scenish, friendly atmosphere created by us and YOU
Move your mouse pointer over the image to view the inside

We're back at the location we've used from 2005 on, the "Rundsporthalle" in Bingen, with all its nice features, including plenty of space for seats, the grandstand which is perfect to watch competitions from, and the space for a gigantic bigscreen. Finally, we also lots of clean showers and toilets - and much more.

The hall The main hall
Inside view Inside view
Seminar hall Seminar hall
Infodesk area Infodesk area
View to the bigscreen (the old 4:3 one) View to the bigscreen (the old 4:3 one)
Clean showers Clean showers
Beer garden Beer garden
Parking-lots (lots of lots ;) Parking-lots (lots of lots ;)

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