Breakpoint Bus Service

Just as in previous years, Breakpoint 2010 is featuring a free bus service connecting the party location, a supermarket, the hotels, the train stations and the Bingen inner city. The Busses will be going non-stop from 09:00 in the morning till 04:00 in the night. You want to go shopping? You want to do a short sight-seeing tour to the rhine area? You wish to get to your hotel room in the nights? Well, the Breakpoint Bus Service will bring you there!

Note: Just like in 2009 and unlike the years before, every second bus during daytime (the ones departing at the Breakpoint location on the full hour) will stop outside Bingen at "Hotel Trollmühle" (route is marked red + purple on the map). The busses departing at :30 past the hour do not stop at Trollmühle (they use the route marked red + pink on the map). During night time (from 1:00 on), all busses will stop at Trollmühle. For details see the time table below.

Usage of the bus is completely free for visitors - you do not need to show a Breakpoint ticket either, just enter the Bus.

The busses will be clearly marked with a "Breakpoint" sign in their front window.

Bus map

Bus map
Time table

Download a PDF version of the timetable

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