breakpoint 2004
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     96k Game

  • Allowed platforms: Anything we can somehow record on SVHS tape, but please contact us beforehand for anything that's not C64, Amiga or PC so we can make the necessary preparations.
  • Maximum size of all required files: 98304 bytes.
  • On Amiga, PC, and Mac, the game is required to be a single file.
  • Your game will be played by a member of your group, so expect that we call for you. (If you don't come, ryg will play. Consider yourself warned).
  • Maximum showing time: 10 minutes.
  • Game must be playable with whatever "standard" input devices your chosen platform has (so please, try to avoid using self-soldered controllers :)
  • If your game is networked, contact us in advance and set up a game server or other players yourself in time. If you have a dedicated game server, be warned that its size counts for the 96k limit!
  • You may store files on the disk, as long as those are not required to run the game - that is, droppers that write a new executable are not allowed, highscores/savegames are.

If you have questions or suggestions about these rules, contact the organizers.

     Mac Demo

  • Compomachine is a G5 with 1.8GHz, 1.5GB RAM, a Geforce FX5600 and MacOS X.
  • Pressing Escape has to end the demo instantly.
  • Maximum size is 14MB zipped for ALL files (including readmes etc)
  • Maximum showing time: 15 minutes (max. 10 are recommended).
  • We will only hold the compo if there are enough entries; should we have less than 3, you'll get the option to either compete in the Real Wild compo or retract your entry.

     Console/Real Wild

  • Platforms: Anything you can get a demo to run on!
  • No size limit, get the maximum out of your chosen hardware!
  • Maximum showing time: 15 minutes (max. 10 are recommended).
  • You must deliver proof (i.e. show the organizers) that your entry works on real hardware.
  • Please, if in any way possible, bring a video of your entry with you (either (S)VHS-taped or as MPG/DivX) so we don't have to record it at the party-place, because it's a very time-consuming task.
  • We will try to make DivX versions of everything submitted and spread them.


  • Be a video artist, render a 3d animation or show what you can do with Flash - anything that's, well, either an Animation or a Video fits into the competition.
  • Maximum showing time: 10 minutes.
  • Your entry has to be delivered as DivX/MPG/Flash file or as (S)VHS video tape. We'll try to convert video tapes to DivX for spreading.
  • We'll do a quality preselection. (So don't even think about submitting a "trip to the party" video, thanks).
  • If you can't manage to record your demo in one of the supported formats, contact us at the party and we'll try and help.
  • If you have no experience on how to make demos look good on the bigscreen, we strongly suggest reading this article by kb/farbrausch.