breakpoint 2004
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  • The compo machines will be an old C64 (with 6581 SID Chip) and a new one (with 8580 SID), both equipped with an Action Replay MK6/Retro Replay cartridge and a 1541-II floppy drive, both PAL.
  • Please state which SID chip to use.
  • Please state if your entry requires any user interaction (pressing Space at the end of parts, etc).
  • The entry has to be delivered on a 5.25'' DD diskette.
  • Please consider also giving us .prg, .d64 or zipcoded files of your production for easier spreading.
  • If you have no experience on how to make demos look good on the bigscreen, we strongly suggest reading this article by kb/farbrausch.

If you have questions or suggestions about these rules, contact the organizers at .


  • Maximum size is one 5.25" disk (both sides).
  • Maximum running time: 15 minutes - please try to keep them shorter than 10 minutes if you can though! Long scroller parts will not be shown in full length.

     4k intro

  • Maximum size is 4096 bytes (16 blocks and 32 bytes). The production must be a single file. (Noters are OK).
  • Maximum running time: 5 minutes.
  • The intro has to be started via RUN or Autostart - no SYS XXX required.


Refer to the graphics competitons page.


Refer to the music competitons page.