What's new

This page describes the rule changes from last year - in case you were there and just want a quick newsflash of what changed.

PC competitions
  • We won't have a video mixer this year; we can guarantee that 640x480, 1024x768, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 video modes at 60Hz will work, but any other video modes might require manual adjustment of the projector while your demo is running. You have been warned.
  • We will have NVidia graphics hardware and CUDA installed. This is just a temporary solution. By next year, OpenCL and DirectX 11 should be mature and well-supported enough to avoid having to rely on vendor-dependent APIs.
  • Vista and DirectX 10 entries are now allowed. For the full rules, refer to the PC competition rules page.
Graphics competitions
  • Freestyle graphics entries may now use any source material including photos, as long as you have a license for any extra content you use.
  • New “handmade graphics” compo that is the equivalent of the freestyle graphics compo in previous years: photos and other third-party material may not be used.
Music competitions
  • Executable music entries (both oldschool and newschool) have to end in silence and may not loop (to minimize the chance of recording fuckups).
  • We will again feature a unofficial tracked music competition thanks to AceMan.
96k game competition
  • This year, we won't have the necessary recording equipment, so entries will be shown live. Make sure that you are in the hall at least 15 minutes before the compo starts if you want to play your game on the bigscreen!
  • Please note that we've made some substantial changes to the timetable this year, including moving compos around; be sure to look at the current version to get the new times for compos and deadlines.