96k Game
  • Allowed platforms: Anything that is able to produce a VGA or PAL signal, but please contact us beforehand for anything that's not C64, Amiga or PC so we can make the necessary preparations.
  • Maximum size of all required files: 98304 bytes.
  • On Amiga, PC, and Mac, the game is required to be a single file.
  • This competition will be shown live. We will call for you before the compo starts. Make sure that you are present in the hall at least 15 minutes before the compo begins if you want to play your game on the bigscreen (if you don't come, one of the organizers will play).
  • Maximum showing time: 5 minutes.
  • Game must be playable with whatever "standard" input devices your chosen platform has (so please, try to avoid using self-soldered controllers :)
  • If your game is networked, contact us before submitting and set up a game server or other players yourself in time. If you have a dedicated game server, be warned that its size counts for the 96k limit!
  • You may store files on the disk, as long as those are not required to run the game - that is, droppers that write a new executable are not allowed, highscores/savegames are.
Console/Real Wild
  • Platforms: Anything you can get a demo to run on!
  • No size limit, get the maximum out of your chosen hardware!
  • Maximum showing time: 8 minutes.
  • Submissions must include a digital video of the entry, as MPG, MP4 or AVI file with MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4 (XVid/DivX/H.264 codecs) video and uncompressed or MP3/AAC audio. If you are unable to record such a file by yourself, please contact us early enough at the party so we can help you.
  • Submissions must also include working binaries for the target platform.
  • (Full) HD entries are allowed, up to and including 1080p; however, we do not have the equipment to record anything above normal PAL/NTSC resolution at the party. If you can provide a full-resolution video yourself, fine; if not, contact us before the party so we can check whether we can show your entry in real time. Also, please record a low resolution (standard PAL/NTSC) version of your demo or bring the necessary cables so we can do it ourselves.
  • You must deliver proof that your entry works on real hardware (i.e. bring the hardware with you and show the organizers).
  • Be a video artist, render a 3d animation or show what you can do with Flash - anything that's, well, either an Animation or a Video fits into the competition.
  • Maximum resolution: 1920x1080 pixels (Note: If you choose to use this high resolution, please remember that most machines won't be able to play 1920x1080/30Hz videos properly, and 60Hz usually requires a multithreaded codec and a high-end multicore processor. As a rule, best not hand in anything you can't play on your machine).
  • Maximum showing time: 8 minutes.
  • Your entry has to be delivered as AVI/MPG/MP4/Flash file. Allowed video codecs are MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4 (XVid/DivX/H.264 codecs); allowed audio codecs are uncompressed and MP3/AAC audio. Naturally we'll try to convert everything else too, but we can't promise anything.
  • We'll do a quality preselection.
  • If you can't manage to record your demo in one of the supported formats, contact us at the party and we'll try and help.
  • If you have no experience on how to make demos look good on the bigscreen, we strongly suggest reading this article by kb/farbrausch.
Unofficial ASCII/ANSI
  • An unofficial compo organized by Sir Garbagetruck/Accession ().
  • Maximum size: 80*1000 characters.
  • Will be shown with AcidView 6.0 in 80*25 and in VGA-mode unless it's Truck's osX laptop; in which case it will be SyncTerm viewing ANSI and Truck's Propaz UTF8 for Amiga. If it is AcidView, Amiga stuff will be in the Amiga font and non-Amiga stuff will be in the VGA font.
  • Just figure it will display properly. You'll get the chance to see it on Truck's laptop if it is used - BEFORE it gets put on the screen.
  • Ansimations will not be allowed.
  • Both the ansi and the ascii compo is open to anyone, though you should show up at Breakpoint because it rules. If you can't be there, send your contribution to truck at .
  • If you're sending the file to truck during Breakpoint, be sure you send a text message to someone at the party to let Truck know. Last year 3 people got me the message after we cancelled due to too few entries. If you need truck's SMS number or something contact him before Breakpoint.
  • We will have 2 competitions if we get enough entries (5 of each, ASCII and ANSI) - though this is somewhat unlikely, so ASCII entries should expect to compete with ANSI (and vice versa).
  • C64/C128/Atari colorterm-type entries - hey, why not, just let truck know beforehand. It will be shown using Syncterm, which has support for this.
  • Caveat to the 1000 line limit: Last year, during the showing of a particular colly which was very long, it was discussed by a lot of folks afterward that the colly was great, but by the time we'd reached the bottom on the big screen folks just wanted to move on. Based on this, we'll accept 1000 line entries for Ascii - but we will more than likely cut the showing at an acceptable spot (we'll discuss this if you turn it in. Meaning: tell Truck.)