Time table

This is the third, updated version; the compo times and deadlines are almost final, and it includes the seminars.

12:00The doors officialy open.
21:00Event: Opening ceremony
22:00Live act: Reyn Ouwehand
Deadline: Freestyle graphics
Deadline: Photo
Deadline: C64 graphics
Deadline: Executable 4k graphics
Deadline: Streaming music
Deadline: Executable music (oldschool)
Deadline: Executable music (newschool)
10:00Deadline: Amiga 4k intro
Deadline: C64 4k intro
Deadline: PC 4k intro
Deadline: 96k game
Deadline: Animation/Video
9:45Seminar: Multi-threading made easier through Open-Source Threading Building Blocks
11:00Seminar: When there's smoke there's fire
12:15Seminar: Multi-Core Mayhem
13:00Event: NVScene presentation
13:30Seminar: .kkapture: Guided tour
14:00Deadline: Amiga 64k intro
Deadline: C64 demo
Deadline: Unofficial ASCII/ANSI
Competition: Executable music (newschool)
14:45Seminar: Introducing the Nodekit - An Open-source Node-based Programming Environment for Interactive Graphics
15:00Event: Breakpoint job forum
16:00Competition: PC 4k intro
Competition: Amiga 4k intro (right after PC 4k)
Competition: C64 4k intro (right after Amiga 4k)
Seminar: Copyrights in Germany and beyond - Creativity and commerce
17:15Seminar: Soft Synth, Hard Work - Getting the most out of Farbrausch's intro synth V2
17:30Competition: Executable 4k graphics
18:00Competition: Freestyle graphics
18:30Competition: Amiga 64k intro
19:00Competition: Animation/Video
20:00Event: scene.org Awards 2007
22:00Live act: Xerxes
23:30Competition: C64 Demo
00:30Event: scene.org Awards Demoshow
9:45Seminar: Virtual Reality - How long are we from the Holodeck?
10:00Deadline: PC 64k intro
Deadline: Console/Real Wild
11:00Seminar: Instanced tessellation in DX10
Compolurker tickets valid from here
12:00Competition: Unofficial ASCII/ANSI
12:15Seminar: Tonite let's all make demo in Bingen
13:00Competition: Executable music (oldschool)
13:30Seminar: Where hacking meets demoscene - abusing mass market hardware for the greater good
14:00Deadline: PC demo
Deadline: Amiga demo
14:45Seminar: To hardcode or not - considerations about an ultimate demotool
15:00Competition: Photo
15:30Competition: C64 graphics
16:00Competition: Streaming music
17:00Competition: 96k game
18:00Competition: PC 64k intro
19:00Competition: Console/Real Wild
22:00Competition: Amiga demo
23:00Competition: PC demo
9:00Deadline: Voting
11:00Event: Prizegiving and closing ceremony
14:00Official end of the party.