Competitions are probably the main attraction of every decent demo-party. This is where people get to show their skills to a (hopefully) big audience, this is where you get to see productions that may become milestones in scene history, and this is where you get to see how good you really are.

To make the competition fair and interesting for both the demomakers and the viewers, there are rules. Deciding about these rules is always hard, and so is deciding which compos to hold. We hope you can agree with our decisions - but if you have a good idea on how to improve them, feel free to contact the respective organizers, we always have an open ear for constructive criticism!

Ofcourse, a party is not a dead serious event - it's also about entertainment. We'll try to make the compos as entertaining as possible for you, and there will also be fun competitions organized by our event team. They will be announced on the party. If you have a good idea for a fun compo, contact them!


That much for the introduction, here's a list of rules that apply equally to all competitions:

  • You may only submit your own work, not someone else's. For cooperations between several people, any of them may submit the final result.
  • If you submit something, you have to be present at the party. No Exceptions.
  • Entries which we cannot get to run will be disqualified. No panic, you will get your chance to fix problems, and you can always ask us to test your production on the compo machines.
  • Racism, child pornography, and any kind of content that violates german law will be disqualified. We will neither make exceptions to this rule nor accept any objections.
  • Entries have to be free of third party rights unless you have a legal license to use the given content. So no ripped music, no movie snippets, no closeups of trademarked logos, etc. Due to a number of unfortunate incidents in 2007, we had to tighten our rules in this regard. Violations will result in immediate disqualification. If you are unsure what exactly is allowed and what isn't, visit the copyright page that explains things in detail.
  • We reserve our right to kick productions out of the competition, if we think them to be total crap or detestable, even in competitions without preselection. They are not disqualified and you can still vote for them, but they will not be shown (or played) on the bigscreen. And please don't complain about freedom of speech - you can ofcourse say what you want, but you certainly cannot force us to help you with it.
  • All shown entries will be spread. We will do our best to make them available in release packs on our compo server directly after the competition was held.
  • We reserve the right to skip long and boring parts in demos during the competitions, especially scroller parts and endscrollers. This is to make the compo more interesting for the majority of visitors - if they want to read the full scrolltext, they can still watch it on their own.
  • If there are less than three entries for a compo, the given compo will either be cancelled or combined with another compo. We will ask you for permission before combining with another compo, and if the compo is cancelled, ofcourse your productions won't be spread by us, so you can release them elsewhere.
  • Compo entries may not have been released before. This means whole productions, productions may to a certain grade contain previously released material. Please contact the organizers in advance to make sure you are within bounds. Pure rips or copies will be kicked from the competition without further notice.
  • Pure animations are not accepted, except in the Animation/Video competition. Note that Flash Demos are considered to be pure animations. If you don't know of this rule and submit a pure-animation entry to a demo compo after the Wild compo is over, you're out of luck.