breakpoint financials

As Breakpoint is a non-profit event organized entirely by unpaid volunteers, we believe in transparency regarding the money you give us to organize the party you love. The following numbers are from 2005, but we will update it to reflect the current situation around March 2006 or so.

Here is a list of what is paid for using the 45 Euro we get per person. These are averages, rounded to full euros.

Location rental6
Video (3 bigscreens)9
Audio (3 stages)5
Beer/Info team tent2
Beer garden2
Power equipment3
Floor carpet6
Equipment transportation1
Security team1
Shuttle services4
Electricity usage5
Electricity technican2
Internet connectivity2
Construction stuff2
City fees1
Toilet cleaning1
Final cleaning1
Audio insulation1
Misc stuff3
Competition prize money11

Wee. Yeah, that's right. From the 45 Euros paid by each visitor, we spend a whopping 84 Euros on party features. The difference of 39 Euros is paid for by our sponsors (in 2003, when we didn't have enough sponsors, much of the difference had to be paid by the organizing team instead...).

Your Breakpoint Organizing Team