food and drinks

At Breakpoint, we always try to get the very best food stands available in the region for our visitors. Well, after the really huge selection of food and drinks in 2005, we are now going another step further - The Breakpoint location this time will feature an impressingly huge selection of food stands, all offering really cheap prices (at least compared to common german food stand prices):

And all stands also include vegetarian food offers.

Here are the detailed pricing lists for all stands at Breakpoint:

drinks sold at the infodesk (24h)
Coca Cola 0,5l1,00 EUR
Mineral water + apple juice 0,5l1,00 EUR
Mineral water (sparkling) 0,5l1,00 EUR
Mineral water (non-sparkling) 1l1,00 EUR
Warsteiner 0,33l1,00 EUR
Beck's 0,33l1,00 EUR
Kesselring 0,5l1,00 EUR
Früh Kölsch 0,33l1,00 EUR
Bottle deposit0,50 EUR
Box Warsteiner 24*0,33l20,00 EUR
Box Beck's 24*0,33l20,00 EUR
Box Kesselring 20*0,5l18,00 EUR
Box Früh Kölsch 24*0,33l20,00 EUR
Box deposit15,00 EUR
turkish stand
Kebab XL4,00 EUR
Kebab vegetarian4,00 EUR
Baguette w/ garlic2,00 EUR
Baguette w/ garlic & cheese2,50 EUR
Baguette w/ garlic & cheese & tomato3,00 EUR
Baguette w/ garlic & mozzarella & tomato3,00 EUR
Baguette w/ garlic & cheese & tomato & bacon3,00 EUR
Baguette w/ garlic & cheese & tomato & salami3,00 EUR
german stand
Fried sausage 2,00 EUR
Fried sausage (beef)2,00 EUR
Fried sausage filled with cheese2,00 EUR
Fried curry sausage w/ bun2,00 EUR
Fried curry sausage w/ french fries3,00 EUR
Steak in a roll3,00 EUR
Steak with fries and coleslaw6,00 EUR
Roll w/ minced, raw meat (pork)1,50 EUR
French Fries1,50 EUR
italian stand
Pizza Salami5,00 EUR
Pizza Speziale (w/ salami & fungi)5,00 EUR
Pizza Diavolo (spicy)5,00 EUR
Pizza Hawaii (w/ bacon & pineapple)5,00 EUR
Pizza vegetarian5,00 EUR
Fried rice w/ ???3,00 EUR
Fried pasta w/ ???3,00 EUR
Spaghetti w/ tomato sauce3,00 EUR
Chilli Con Carne2,50 EUR
breakfast stand
Ham & bacon w/ roll3,00 EUR
Croissant w/ nut-chocolate-spread1,50 EUR
XXL breakfast ( 2 rolls, 1 croissant, butter, nut-chocolate-spread, marmalade, ham )3,50 EUR
Salami roll1,00 EUR
Cheese roll1,00 EUR
Coffee0,50 EUR
Orange/Apple juice 0,4l1,50 EUR
Fruits ( apples, banana,.. )0,50 EUR
cocktail stand
Keg beer 0,5l2,00 EUR
Wheat beer 0,5l2,50 EUR
Coke 1l2,00 EUR
Lemonade 1l2,00 EUR
Water 0,75l1,00 EUR
Wine w/ coke 0,4l1,50 EUR
Wine w/ lemonade 0,4l1,50 EUR
Wine w/ water 0,4l1,50 EUR
Red Bull (can)2,00 EUR
Bacardi w/ orange juice2,00 EUR
Vodka w/ Red Bull2,00 EUR
Vodka w/ orange juice2,00 EUR
Coke w/ rum2,00 EUR
Jack Daniels + coke2,00 EUR
Caipirinha3,00 EUR
Sex on the beach3,00 EUR
Other cocktails3,00 EUR
crepes/sweets stand

Offering all kinds of crepes and sweets