breakpoint 2003
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time table

This is the first official version of the timetable. There probably will be some minor adjustments from now, but we'll try not to make any major changes anymore, so feel free to use this as a reference for your to-the-deadline-coding or whatever :)


12:00The doors officially open.
18:00DJ-1on1-set on 2nd stage
20:00Opening ceremony
21:00Live Jam
23:00Crest Demoshow


10:00Deadline: All 4k Intro competitions
Deadline: Freestyle graphics
Deadline: Theme graphics
Deadline: Tracked music
12:00Competition: C64 4k Intro
Deadline: Wild
Deadline: 96k Game
12:30Competition: PC 4k Intro
13:00Competition: Amiga 4k Intro
14:00Competition: Theme Graphics
Deadline: C64 Demo
15:00Competition: Tracked Music
17:00Competition: Freestyle Graphics
18:00Competition: 96k Game Awards 2002
21:00Competition: Wild Awards after-party on 2nd stage
23:00Competition: C64 Demo


8:00Deadline: All 64k Intro competitions
10:00Deadline: Console Demos
Deadline: C64 Music
Deadline: Streaming music
11:00Competition: Amiga 64k Intro
12:00Competition: PC 64k Intro
13:00Competition: Freestyle Graphics (2nd viewing)
14:00Competition: Console Demo
15:00Competition: C64 Music
Deadline: C64 graphics
Deadline: Amiga Demo
Deadline: PC Demo
16:00Competition: Theme Graphics (2nd viewing)
17:15Competition: C64 Graphics
18:00Competition: Streaming Music
19:00Live: pnmf
20:00Competition: Amiga Demo
22:00Competition: PC Demo


5:00Voting deadline.
11:00Prize giving, closing ceremony.
12:00End of Breakpoint 2003.