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CDV Software Entertainment AG

CDV Software Entertainment AG is one of the leading publishers of games and application software in Europe. CDVs international portfolio includes blockbuster titles like Sudden Strike, Cossacks, and the upcoming game Blitzkrieg. CDV sponsors and attends BP03 in order to support talented artists and programmers and the creative computing community in general. Developers who wish to get in touch with CDV, please contact

Invidual Computers

We welcome "Individual Computers" as first general sponsor of the breakpoint 2003 party. Jens will bring several sneaky hardwaretools for Amiga, C64 and PC that will touch the heart of every retrocomputing scener out there - and you will have the possibility to buy them directly at the party ;) Btw, the same company is about to present a C=One Prototype to the scene-public. If you don´t know what we are talking about take this link for more information. We say a big THANX for supporting breakpoint and building hardware that every scener enjoys ;)


NVIDIA(r) Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) is the worldwide leader in graphics processors and media and communications devices. The unmatched breadth of NVIDIA's product line enriches 3D, 2D, video, audio, communications, broadband connectivity, and high-definition digital video and television for every audience and platform including desktop PCs, game consoles, workstations, Internet-enabled appliances, Macintosh, and mobile PCs.

The NVIDIA(r) GeForce FX family of GPUs ushers in a new era of graphics and gaming. With a GeForce FX powering your graphics experiences, you can run applications and games at higher resolutions and at speeds never before possible. Whether you're a bleeding-edge gamer who desires the most advanced gaming technology available, or a PC user in search of the perfect combination of power, performance, and value--GeForce FX top-to-bottom solutions deliver.

GeForce FX 5800: The Dawn of Cinematic Computing
Powered by pure adrenaline, the 5800 models deliver graphics power and performance for the most extreme gamers.

GeForce FX 5600 Ultra: Cinematic Gaming Power
Powered by the same technology as the 5800 GPUs, the 5600 Ultra offers blazing-fast performance and rock-solid stability for gamers and multimedia users.

GeForce FX 5200 and 5200 Ultra: Cinematic Graphics Power
The 5200 GPU models deliver the performance you expect from NVIDIA graphics: with best-in-class features, performance, and reliability at a great price.


Steinberg stands for concentrated experience in the development of software and hardware for music productions. Since foundation of the company in 1984, Steinberg has set the standards for innovative technology and user friendliness. Through close cooperation with partners, constant feedback from customers and continuous further development, Steinberg has succeeded in creating genuine industrial standards and widely accepted user standards. The product range covers all the market segments of computer-based music production and is directly tailored to meet the needs of musicians, composers and producers: The products range from the popular Creative Tools series to Cubase VST, the best-known sequencer in the world, and the professional media production system Nuendo. Steinbergıs customers range from ambitious amateur musicians to professional composers, including the Whoıs Who of the worldıs most famous popstars: Phil Collins, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, William Orbit (Producer of Madonna and others), Stevie Wonder, The Prodigy, Moby, Stuart Price (Music Director for Madonna's Drowned World Tour), Richard Lyons (Music Director for New Order's Get Ready Tour) ... In post-production and sound design, advanced film musicians such as Hans Zimmer (Pearl Harbor, Mission Impossible 2, Gladiator, Lion King) and David Arnold (Stargate, Independence Day) rely on the software with the Steinberg logo. is an online shopping vendor for networking products and mobile data storge equipment. They will host wireless LAN at breakpoint and provide competition prizes.

Feel free to check out their site if you still need a patch cord, network switch (or something else available there ;)

MindCandy DVD

Fusecon sponsors us with 10 MindCandy DVDs as compo prizes. If you don't already own one (and don't plan on winning a democompo at Breakpoint :), step by their site and order one!


Renoise is pro-music tracking software with full MIDI and VST plugin / VST instrument support. It has integrated fully featured software in one package: pattern editor, instrument editor, sample editor. Without competition in music trackers area, as stated by music professionals.

  • Full MIDI and VST/VSTi support
  • Many internal DSP effects
  • Sampler
  • Sample and Instrument editors
  • Track / Instrument Automation
  • Great interest by music professionals


If you are interested in helping us out with money or prizes, feel free to contact us!