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ATI Sponsors Breakpoint
Breakpoint 2004 - The Code Inside.

We are pleased to announce that ATI is the platinum sponsor of the second edition of Breakpoint, the world largest pure demoscene party.

The organizers of all major german demoscene events have teamed up to bring you 73 hours of pure scene fun. Competitions, booze, a huge bonfire and lots of outdoor and indoor action are awaiting you.

The so called "demoscene", who provide their works to Breakpoint is a worldwide non-commercial society of creative individuals involved in the making of what they have termed "Demos". "Demos" could be considered computer generated music clips done by programmers, graphic artists and musicians. These show what kind of graphic and sound effects can be done by pushing computer hardware to its full potential. Breakpoint is one of the demoscene's culminating events where the designers, programmers, and composers of these "demos" exhibit their skills.

Simon Kissel, Main Organizer of Breakpoint, comments "ATI Technologies Inc. is a perfect partner for us, as they are not just offering us a platform for presentation, but also communicating directly with the artist community."

Central for ATI Technologies Inc. is the value of the highly creative output of this growing computer subculture: "ATI's main purpose is to provide perfect 3D hardware. The artists at Breakpoint show us how to combine the technical, the avant-garde, and the cutting edge - pushing limits with an artist's eye." - Uwe Semtner, Marketing Director of ATI Germany.