breakpoint 2004
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The people behind breakpoint 2004 are:

     main organizers

Official mainorga, location, local stuff:scamp/vacuum
Competitions, Timetable:ryg/farbrausch
Press, Sponsors, Events:scamp/vacuum
Infodesk, Voting, Staff:garrth
     competitions team

Music:sierra/destiny, garrth, wayfinder/farbrausch, maxx/kolabore, netpoet/parkstudios
Graphics:fashion/vacuum, cp/farbrausch, overflow
C64:fzool/salva mea/smash designs, mbb/smash designs
Amiga:tb/salva mea, infinity/creative minds
Console/Real Wild:yoda/farbrausch
Animation/Video:mbb/smash designs
     beam team

Audio:kb/farbrausch, shamada/megasphere, bombe/farbrausch
Entertainment:steeler/phantasm, xxx/haujobb
     info team

Shift orgas:garrth, chaos/fr, poti/bm, sierra
Staff:avatar, cp, daniels, gizmo, madenmann, mbb, silje, scoup, scythoior, sinep, wayfinder, wurstfee, xtu
     network team

Staff:TB/Salva Mea, D.Fox/Digital Overflow, scamp/vacuum
Special thanks to _masta_ for routing support, and to ZZyZZ of for allowing us to link to their ircnet server
     pr team

Sponsors+Press:steeler/phantasm, xxx/haujobb, scamp/vacuum
Web:ryg/farbrausch, scamp/vacuum, gizmo/farbrausch, kb/farbrausch