Breakpoint financials

Breakpoint is a non-profit event organized entirely by unpaid volunteers. We believe in transparency regarding the money you give us to organize the party you love.

In previous years, almost 2/3 of our party budget got paid by our sponsors. For 2007, one important sponsor sadly had to leave us for reasons we absolutely didn't have any influence in (a big corporate merger). For 2007, now only 1/3 of the party budget is paid by sponsors, while 2/3 have to paid from entrance fees. Due to this (and the fact that the German sales tax has been risen from 16% to 19%) we had no other choice than raising the entrance fee.

Here is a list of what is paid for using your money.

Competition Prize Money20%
Video projectors, Bigscreen, Audio/PA, Lights20%
Tables and chairs6%
Party/Infodesk tents6%
Location rental5%
Bus shuttle services5%
Energy usage4%
Party network, power sub-distribution3%
Main power distribution3%
Paid Cleanup service3%
Equipment transportation/logistics3%
Paid electrician2%
Paid security2%
All sorts of other things, each <=1%15%

Some positions like Internet access are missing because they are paid for in full by our sponsors. The 15% "other" consist of: Rental for party equipment storage hall, organizer drinks, party decoration, pieces of replacement carpet, city fees, insurance fees, heating, visitor badges.

As you can hopefully see, we are trying to get the maximum bang out of every buck, trying not to waste money anywhere and to keep the costs low whereever we can.

Your Breakpoint Organizing Team

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