Breakpoint is a purely non-profit event: our team of organizers consists of unpaid volunteers who turn their shared vision of the world’s biggest computer art festival into reality. Breakpoint needs to rely on the support of its strong partners to bear the costs of the event. Experience has taught them that this benefits not just Breakpoint - there’s a remarkable potential in the event and involvement often pays off already in the short term.

In previous years, Breakpoint had been funded mostly by the support of one or two major industry-leading sponsors, with additional sponsoring coming from mid-sized and possibly demoscene-focussed companys. All of our sponsor partners always have been very happy with the outcome of their sponsorship. Breakpoint is an excellent way to reach a close community of young skilled IT talents.

For 2009, due to the financial crisis, our main sponsors are gone, and we now are going to focus on a wide range of smaller sponors to help cover the costs of our event.

While supporting Breakpoint sure is helping a good cause, sponsoring Breakpoint is not to be seen purely as a donation: It pays off.

Online sponsoring options include your company logo and information on our website, including a link from our site (Google Pagerank 5) to yours. During party sponsoring options include advertisting slides on our gigantic FullHD projection screen, company video presentations before competitions, posters and banners inside the party hall.

Sponsoring deals start as low as 1,500 Euros and may include donated Hardware competition prizes. Please contact Simon Kissel, the main organizer of Breakpoint, at , to discuss your needs and work out a sponsorship plan. A detailed brochure about Breakpoint, the backgrounds of the demoscene and sponsoring optons is available from him, too.