Social ticket

The social ticket requires pre-registration using the form below and can NOT be bought at the party without a pre-registration on file! We will close the registration on Tuesday, April 7th, 18:00 MET. If you want to apply, do it now!

If you wish to attend Breakpoint, but the ticket price of 55 Euro makes this completely impossible for you, the "social ticket" introduced in 2007 is the solution. It contains all features the regular ticket offers, but only costs 25 Euros. Obviously we are making a loss with those tickets, and other sceners will effectively pay for the missing 30 Euros.

This is why we only offer the social ticket on a pre-registration basis. The basic rule of thumb for getting the ticket is: If having to pay the regular entrance fee would it make impossible for you to come to Breakpoint, then you may apply for the social ticket. This is for example the case for people coming from certain eastern european countries, where 55 Euros might be the eqiuvalent of a month worth of income. This is also the case for students who don't have an additional income or financial support from their parents.

However, keep in mind that this isn't some kind of "I'm a student, so I get in for 50% entrance fee"-kind of deal - only use it if you really need to.

To apply for the ticket, just fill out the form below. An organizer will then check your request, and if it's accepted add you to to our internal database. When arriving at the party, you then simply have to give your handle/nickname and will then only have to pay the reduced entrance fee of 25 Euros - without any further questions asked.

Good reasons for applying for a social ticket would be:

  • My monthly salary is only...
  • I am unemployed, unemployment compensation is only...
  • I'm a student without any kind of income/financial support from parents or the state...
  • I'm using my last money to get to Breakpoint by hitchhiking...

Bad reasons that most likely will get your social ticket request rejected are:

  • I don't think the party is worth 55 Euros.
  • I just bought myself a new Playstation/Jewelery/Car, and now don't have enough money for Breakpoint.
  • I'm only coming for a day anyway.
  • I need all the money for my first-class plane ticket.

So, if you think the Social Ticket will enable you to visit Breakpoint, register for it now.

Application form

Please completely fill out the form below. Thank you.

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