breakpoint 2004
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     general info

The party will be held at the Bundeswehrdepot in Bingen am Rhein. People who visited UC6.22 or Breakpoint 2003 will remember the location. Bingen itself is a small city on the river Rhine, in south-western Germany. It's around 80km west of Frankfurt/Main, and 100km south of Cologne. It can be reached easily by car, rail, plane and ship. For details, visit the Travelling page.

The party will start on Good Friday, April 9th at 12:00PM and end on Easter Monday, April 12th at 1:00PM. This makes 73 hours of non-stop fun. The entrance fee is not settled yet, but will probably be around 40 EUR again. There are no single day tickets, and no rebates if you come earlier, later or by spaceship. Girls get in for free though.

Among the features are:

  • Lots of competitions for Amiga, PC and C64, music, graphics and the rest
  • No gamers, no script kiddies, only creative people
  • Space for more than 1000 visitors
  • Hotel reservation service
  • Large sleeping hall. We're seriously working on our heating infrastructure this year, so it should really be warm this time. (Still it would be a good idea to bring decent sleeping bags)
  • A meadow outside the party hall to crash, sit and drink
  • A huge bonfire
  • Free exclusive (no non-visitors) access to Bingens swimming bath
  • Own (free) bus line connecting the location, a supermarket, train station, the hotels and the swimming bath
  • Tasty food and drinks at decent prices
  • A working party network (no promises about the speed)
  • Traditional entertainment provided by Steeler and our new co-host XXX
  • A BIG screen and powerful sound system (bigger screen than 2003)
  • Seperate chillout/meeting/boozing-tent
  • Second stage with djs, liveacts and more...
  • Lots of fun compos, liveacts and surprises
  • This time, working heating equipment from day 0 :)
  • and of course scenish, friendly atmosphere created by us and YOU

Some pictures of the location (click for larger version):

The entrance / main gate. You'll arrive here. Mainhall is behind that security building.
The boozing meadow. On the right there will be the chillout/boozing/whatever-tent...
...exactly here where right now only empty space exists. In the background you can see the main- and the sleepinghall.
Main- and sleeping hall seen from the boozing meadow. In the foreground there will be a huge campfire.
A different view of the meadow. On the left you'd see the food cars and the chillout-tent.
The meadow, the security building/entrance and the front of the mainhall.
The front of the mainhall, where the chillout-tent will be located.
The sleeping hall. In reality you'll also see the toilets here.
A rendering of the inside of the mainhall, done by Dfox (thanks!). Sorry we don't have time left to render more.
A map of the area. Done in a hurry, but you get the basic layout.