breakpoint 2003
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To other parties:

  • If Breakpoint is too far for you, maybe The Gathering in Norway is interesting for you - it's also held at Easter.
  • Evoke is a small, cozy party in the west of germany, usually held around August.
  • Dialogos another cozy german party :), but a bit bigger, usually taking place in Eastern Germany, and held around October.
  • Assembly is one of the biggest parties around. It takes place every summer in Helsinki.
  • TUM plans to be a medium-sized party. It will take place just after Christmas in Mannheim.
  • 0a000h is a small german party organized by Headcrash.
  • Underground Conference is another party with Scamp as Mainorganizer, but not a really serious one :).

Scene-related sites to visit:

  • Orange Juice is an international demo scene portal featuring news, a cool party calendar, and a very cool scener birthday list :)
  • is probably the biggest server for Demo-related files. Besides their huge ftp archive, they also host demogroups' websites and provide newsgroups and forums.
  • is a very cool online demo review database.
  • Demoo is another cool demo review page, but with moderated content.
  • Monostep is also a review-page like Demoo.

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